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11 FLOWERS Organic Farms

11 FLOWERS Organic Farms

This is one of our newest and unique venture, here we have introduced a new kind of concept. Grow your wealth & nourish the health. It is one of its unique kind of real estate project situated in the picturesque rural setting of holy Vrindavan dham near the famous ancient temple of Devi Atas. The Vrindavan is spiritual Capital for the follower of Vedic Religion popularly known as Hinduism. This Land is famous for Pastimes of Lord Krishna and his beloved consort Radha Rani. People from all over the world & of all walks of life & faith throng here to feel divinity & serenity of pastimes, which has happened nearly 5600 years back on the Banks of River Yamuna, Kunds(ponds), mountains and on Numerous ancient temples of historical importance. Discourses & congressional chanting of saints & devotees creates ambience which is simply divine and out of world experience for many.
But the Effect of urbanization has also adversely affected the Vrindavan and Some of its unique characteristics & beauty has been lost.
By heavy use of pesticide and chemical fertilizers our Grains, Vegetables and fruits & water are contaminated with hazardous substances which are resulting in various life threatening diseases like cancer heart attack & diabetes. So in our endeavor to make people feel the ecstasy of same old Vrindavan which was Abundantly Green, natural, Rustic, Calm with dancing peacock and tweeting birds, brijwasis carrying their mundane rural life and to relish the natural organic food free from contamination & prepared from home grown organic Vegetables & Grains, Herbs we have conceptualized this project.
The Concept works like this one can own a fully developed ORGANIC FARM land Choosing from different sizes in a boundary walled & gated 6 acres of farm land and enjoy the simple yet comfortable stay in your own cottage. The rest of your left open space will be utilized for growing organic vegetables, herbs & fruits with the help of our guidance & expertise and these home grown items can be home delivered in & around Vrindavan, free of cost or sold in the open market on cost sharing basis.
What is special about this project is that besides giving you option for Investment with high ROI (return of investment) it gives you option of Regular Income with unmatched experience of atmosphere of comfort, luxury with simplicity & tranquility while your stay in divine Vrindavan. The project will have many common amenities like Organic Restaurant, Ayurveda & Panchkarma Centre, Library, Green house, Cottages, Water bodies etc. which are for exclusive use of members only. 11 FLOWERS Organic Farms project is a rare chance for the privileged few to witness the life in the holistic community environment which you might have never experienced before.
 Features & Amenities

▪ Ecological Living
▪ Organic Farming
▪ Yoga & Meditation Retreat Center
▪ Japa Retreats
▪ Spiritual Activities
▪ 40 Ft Wide Road
▪ Pollution Free Environment
▪ Boundary Walled Project
▪ Soft Water Supply
▪ Lush Green Area
▪ 24 Hours Full Security
▪ Green House
▪ Water Bodies


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